When I started to study computer science, I thought that it would cost me less time than it does now. Because of this I don’t have as much research time as expected. I know, that some people are waiting for my announced papers ans so i decided to release my paper called “Developing Firefox Extensions”, even if it’s not finished and also not reviewed. The reason for this step is, that I hadn’t time to modify the document since the 19. August 2007 and I really think that this is too long to not release any part of it.

Because I’m not sure how much time I’ve got to work on it during the next month(s) I’ll offer also the *.tex documents to everyone who would like to do further work on the paper.

To say a few words about the paper itself, it’s simply a (at the moment) 31 pages long how-to with examples on how to develop your own extensions for Mozilla Firefox and with some additional work, I think it could be also interesting for schools to use it as teaching material.


I hope some of you enjoy the paper, even if it’s not finished :)

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  1. 1 Amit

    I was looking for an FF extension tutorial for quite a while,
    I have download it and will go through to learn the basics.

    I only hope that a 2007 tutorial is still valid for learning ;)