I’m alive and working

Yes it’s true, that it’s over a whole month ago since I wrote my last blog entry. This has different reasons, so for example I started studying computer science and had to become familiar with this new situation, especially because I’m still work for Dreamlab Technologies at the same time. Also it took me some time to hold a talk about the OWASP Testing Framework at this years Security-Zone in Zurich and I also spoke at the 0sec like I did last year. Then there is of course also the usual stuff like organizing the next OWASP Switzerland Local Chapter meeting, where we can expect two or three good talks and once again a sponsor for dinner. Some of you might also remember my blog posting called “What I’m Working on“, I already released the XSIO paper and the PHP code fixing paper is nearly ready but needs some small additional corrections. As you can see, I’ve got much to do at the moment anyway and now I’ve also to learn for school. I really hope, that I can again write more blog postings in the near future because there are more then enough interesting things to talk about.

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  1. 1 pat

    Hello sven!

    Nice to hear from you :) I hope that you became a bit familiar with your new situation and that you can deal easily with it.

    I have also a lot of different things running and need to find time for reading blogs and blogging by myself :)