Nice new SPAM Trick

This morning I’ve received the following spam mail:


I am basically interested for business reasons. I had written to you about
the offer a few days back. Perhaps you never got the mail in the first
place. Anyhow, here is the deal. I found your site really enchanting and would like to buy a
number of text-links on your site.

Let me know if you would like to hear more of this.

Best regards,


OK, the idea seems to be not that bad. You have a normal crawler for e-mail addresses and if you found one, change the message of your mail by mentioning the domain name. I think many people will notice this and think that it can’t be a spam mail because there’s a specific part in in which is not correct for most people. Also the name of the sender at the end of the mail is interesting because it’s Susan and the sender’s e-mail address was susan.[a last name] This means, that also this seems to be correct and I think that many people will answer to this mail.

PS: Of course it’s also possible that it’s not a spam but then the company behind it will become bankrupt very soon ;)