OWASP AppSec Conference – Italy 2007

The next OWASP Europe Application Security Conference will be held in Milan, Italy on May 15th-17th 2007 and it will be the first OWASP conference where I’ll be present. Unfortunately I missed the CfP and so I can’t have a speech there but I think even to hear other presentations and meet cool people is worth to go there. Of course I’ll also be on the “Evening Social Event” on May 16th and I’m also registered for a training. I took the “Web Services and XML Security“-Training because it’s a topic I have really to work on. I think it will be a very interesting and also funny congress and so everyone who hasn’t registered himself (or herself of course) yet should do that as soon as possible.

Especially for me as the leader of the OWASP Switzerland Local Chapter it’s also very interesting to have the chance to meet other chapter leaders to exchange some ideas and also just to build a better network over the local chapters. By the way, could it be that I’m the youngest OWASP Local Chapter leader all over the world with my 20 years? (Doesn’t matter at all but it’s interesting to know ;) )

At this point I’d also like to thank the company I’m actually working for, Dreamlab Technologies Ltd. for sending me to this congress.

If some of you, who read this also attend to the AppSec Conference in Milan, let me know and we can have a beer (or what ever) together. Looking forward to see all of you there :)