OWASP Switzerland goes Public

As you might know, the OWASP Switzerland Local Chapter (re-)started at the 11. November 2006 and up to then from my point of view it’s a success story. For example we had two slots at the Tweakfest 2007 where we talked about the OWASP at all and also presented the OWASP Top 10. Unfortunately there we’re not really the people who’re interested in security and especially application security but anyway, we were present at this event and were for example also listed on their partner list and the OWASP logo was visible on the Tweakfest. Then it’s also interesting, that we’ve about 12 people on our Local Chapter meetings, even if we didn’t do big announcements until now in the swiss security scene. This sounds like only very few people but when we look at this people, where they work and in what positions, I think we have an incredible high quality of attendees and it’s a great networking platform for security people in Switzerland. Now we go to the next level with our Local Chapter, we’ll be present at Switzerland’s most important security event, the Security-Zone. We get great support from the responsible people of the event and so for example we are present on every single Ticket (which are by the way for free and you can order yours here) with a huge banner and we’re titled as Know-How partner. This tickets will be ordered by thousands of people and AFAIK about 2000 will print it out and come with it to the event, that’s just great.

Here you can see my own ticket (without the bar code ;) ):

Security Zone Ticket
(click the image to enlarge)

In collaboration with the Security-Zone we will do also other stuff, so for example we’ll have two slots for talking about OWASP related things (this will be the OWASP Testing Guide and the OWASP Top 10) and also I’ll write an article about the OWASP Top 10 for their next newsletter which will be sent out to about 18’000 people; I can’t think about better publicity and hey, it’s for free :D

By the way, the next OWASP Switzerland Local Chapter Meeting will take place on the 24. July 2007 and as usual everyone’s welcome. You can find all information here.

Hope to see you on the Security-Zone and on the next OWASP meeting, here in Switzerland.